Does your Baby Enjoy Oil Massage?

The bond between my mommy and me is the most special one for me, as unlike my all other relationships, we had a head start of nine months. I can always spot my mommy by her unique smell, touch and voice. When all these three come together, then it becomes my favourite time. My favourite one is oil massage time and she has her own checklist for that, which she religiously follows to make it my best time of the day:

Sets up the room: Mommy ensures that my oil massage room is bright and cosy. She shuts all the doors and windows, lest the naughty breeze tickles my nose. But, the most important thing: she sets my massaging hour as a no electronic hour and doesn’t even bring the mobile phone inside. I just love this: only me and mommy time.

Prepares herself: She never forgets to wash her hands before touching me as she fears that germs would crawl onto me. Then she takes off her rings, bangles and long chain and pendants so that those things do not hurt me. Mommy always places me on her legs or thick towels so that I am cosy and comfortable. She positions me in a fashion that I can always look at her. Such a sweet mommy.

When the game begins: She takes little baby oil in her hand and rubs in on me; firm but gentle. She doesn’t put too much pressure. I don’t know how but she always knows what will relax me. She gives me little exercise by stretching my hands and legs and sometimes she tickles me too. But, she never stops talking to me. I also love talking to her. Mommy massages until oil disappears in my body, all the time ensuring that oil must not flow into my eyes, nose or ears. After some time, mommy wraps me in towel and takes me to the bathroom. My just perfect temperature bath is always ready. I splash and play and then I fall asleep. Happy and relaxed. My caring mommy.

Other general preparation: She always remembers to never feed me right before or after my oil massage, as that makes me vomit, which I hate. Argh! Sometimes I don’t feel good and have fever too. I just want to cry. My good Mommy never forces me for oil massage then but takes me in her arms and just talks to me. She has a fixed routine for me, which includes a fixed slot for my massages. I like this sorted lifestyle.

My mommy is the best. Love you mommy.

The most essential elements of an oil massage are massaging techniques and oil. While the first one can be learnt from books and family elders, the latter is the oil that must be chosen with care. The oil offers two-fold benefits: firstly, it offers lubrication so that the hands glide through the body. Secondly, the oil penetrates through the skin and enriches the body from within. Parents should ensure that they choose natural massage oil of organic origin for the babies, (such as Life and Pursuits’ Baby Massage Oil) as they are safe for the little ones. The cold pressed extra-virgin oils and Ayurveda herbs work magic for baby’s growth and overall health!

Love gets reflected by little touch and care, massage is a perfect language to communicate your feelings to your baby. Enjoy these little private moments with your bundle of joy because before you realise, your babies are already grown up and strong; thanks to your massages.

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