The logo of ‘Life and Pursuits’ is an aesthetic depiction of a blooming lotus interlaced with a flying butterfly through a single art symbol. 
Our logo signifies that our pursuit in life should be to bring joy & beauty to the world by blooming like a flower and flying free like a butterfly.

Logo - Life & Pursuits 

The Lotus

The lotus flower radiates inner purity and beauty despite being rooted in mud. This spiritual and philosophical promise is akin to that of Life & Pursuits. The layers of lotus are similar to that of life and as one progresses to explore them, life blooms. Additionally, lotus is considered highly auspicious in many Eastern cultures, including Indian.

The Butterfly

A flying butterfly denotes free spirit and sheer joy. These are the values that Life & Pursuits celebrates. Moreover, a butterfly’s transformational journey from a caterpillar, while excruciating, brings beauty and joy to the world. This is what we also stand for.