Joyosaurus - Life & Pursuits

Who is Joyosaurus?

Joyosaurus is a five years old dinosaur, studying in a playschool close to his home. Growing in the suburbs of a modern metropolitan city, adventurous yet innocent Joyosaurus loves to explore everything that life has to offer. Joyosaurus likes to move around and can be seen playing in the city park or enjoying at the beach. It’s also very fond of playing video games on Mom’s mobile, though it doesn’t get its hands on her mobile very easily.

Joyosaurus likes eating fresh organic green vegetables, fruits, milk and occasionally some Italian food. It daily uses organic and natural personal care products.

Join Joyosaurus in its innocent pursuits to unfold the thrills of life:

Joyosaurus - Rain Splash

Rain Splash

Joyosaurus loves to play and dance in rains. It enjoys jumping in little water puddles and listening to the sound of rainwater gushing through. It likes making and watching paper boat drifting and sailing in tiny water streams.

Joyosaurus - Soap Bubbles

Bubbles of Joy

Who doesn’t love blowing colorful soap bubbles in summer evenings? Floating bubbles scatter natural sunlight into a rainbow of colors, and this amazes Joyosaurus every time!

 Joyosaurus - Kitchen Adventures

Raising the Bar

Thrill and dangers of climbing don’t deter Joyosaurus to explore and seek hidden treasures in the kitchen. The feeling of achieving something after crossing (climbing) various hurdles is beyond this world! The toughest part is of course getting down safely.

Joyosaurus Magician Rabbit

Pulling a Trick

Joyosaurus is learning the art and tricks of Magic to delight his family and friends. It feels great to know some secrets that even elders don’t understand. The fascination of Magic inspires Joyosaurus to be creative and enhances its curiosity.