Life & Pursuits is a social mission to spread Health, happiness and harmony in the world. Through our flagship ‘Campaign Safe Childhood, we’ve committed ourselves to the cause of creating a safer and a healthier world for children. This higher purpose drives us in all our actions and decisions.
Our relationship and commitment to you is well encapsulated as ‘THEE’, a dialectical form of ‘you’. It’s our way of telling you that we exist for you and because of you.


Secrets? We don’t believe in them. In fact, we abhor them. As a philosophy, we don’t want to be an iceberg by concealing ‘any’ information about us, our activities or our products. We empower people to make well-informed choices in their lives. We welcome you to ask us anything about our activities / products and we’ll be happy to respond transparently.


We believe in honesty and promise to act accordingly in all our endeavors. Our mission exists because of our honest & sincere desire to make a positive change to this world. As a campaigner for a safer and healthier world for our children, we promise to work honestly, ethically and responsibly.


Our cause of creating a safer and healthier world for our children is supreme for us and we try to put ourselves in the shoes of parents and children all the time. Only by creating a strong sense of empathy towards the health & safety requirements of children we can create true value for them.


We want to spread awareness about harmful and toxic ingredients in common-use children products and unethical practices of leading companies worldwide. This will empower parents to make well informed and healthier choices.